Q: How does Spectro-Chrome color therapy work – in the simplest of terms?

A: Every living thing radiates energies – often called an aura. Spectro-Chrome can reinforce or, when needed, help to reduce them.

Q: How is Spectro-Chrome different than “color therapy?”

A: Spectro-Chrome uses defined colors rather than just any red or green, etc. Further details as recommended in the book, “Let There Be Light,” such as the Forecast times, make Spectro-Chrome a healing system rather than just making a choice of colors. Of course, we are well aware that there is no therapy which can remedy every ailment to which mankind is heir, but why not first use one that is inherently safe and proven effective for so many conditions?

Q: How do I choose the right color?

A: The comprehensive manual, Let There Be Light, lists 600 common and medically defined conditions. Chapter six shows the 78 attributes of the 12 Spectro-Chrome colors to aid in making any changes needed for a given person, and for other problems.

Q: How do I make the colors?

A: Roscolene filter tints are used to create the 12 Spectro-Chrome colors.

Q: What are Roscolene filter tints?

A: They are thin sheets of colored plastic commonly used in theatrical lighting.

Q: What if I make a mistake and use the wrong color?

A: Your body has an innate ability repair itself as well as reject (within limits) energies it does not require. However, it is not unusual to find that a “mistaken” color was indeed useful at that time.

Q: Where can I get the colors and the lamp

You can find them here

Q: How long do I need to use the color?

A: This cannot be foretold as there are too many possible variables: genetics, diet, stress level, exercise patterns, mental attitude, etc. There is, of course, the small possibility that a particular problem is beyond help.

This was the feeling of a surgeon/Spectro-Chrome practitioner,

“In some unusual and extreme cases that had not responded to other treatment, normal functioning has been restored by color therapy.

At present, therefore, I do not feel justified in refusing any case without a trial [emphasis has been added]. Even in cases where death is inevitable, much comfort may be secured”. And further, she wrote, “I would close my office tonight never to reopen, if I could not use Spectro-Chrome”.

Q: Will I get the same effect if I just wear a certain color?

A: Highly unlikely, though everything we do or think does have an effect on us at some level, for better or worse.

Q: Is color therapy and Spectro-Chrome like chakra colors?

A: Somewhat. Spectro-Chrome colors (12 of them) are used on specific areas for specific conditions though while in use, they may also cover chakra points.

Q: I can’t find the time to try it since I’m not supposed to use it too close to eating or taking a shower. What can I do?

A: Because eating and showering tend to alter blood circulation, it’s recommended to schedule tonations an hour or so before or after eating and showering. Spectro-Chrome can be used while you are sleeping so it doesn’t need to take much out of your day. It is important to consider your priorities regarding your health.

Q: It’s hard to fit it in during the recommended usage times between my busy schedule and mealtimes. Is it really that important to follow the Forecast times?

A: The “Forecast” times do make a difference in some instances – try it either way and decide for yourself.

Q: Do I have to use a color for a full hour?

A: Not necessarily, but Chapter 2 of Let There Be Light, paragraphs 9-A/B/C give a complete explanation for doing so. Details such as this have been worked out through 90 years of use and experience. They help to achieve the desired results. We suggest heeding the old adage, “When all else fails, follow the instructions.”

Q: Some say that just looking at or thinking of a color can be effective. Is it absolutely necessary to shine the color on the person?

A: There have been instances of people saying that they can do it mentally. However, this is not applicable for most people.

Q: Is it really working if I don’t feel anything?

A: You may or may not sense a change, especially in a long-standing condition. In acute situations such as a burn or sprain, the effect may be apparent in a very short time.

Q: Why isn’t this therapy better known?

A: Radical ideas are often dismissed without investigation. The American Medical Association published a scathing article, denouncing the originator of Spectro-Chrome as well as his healing system. This, despite the successful use of Spectro-Chrome in a Philadelphia hospital for years.

In fact, there were hundreds of practitioners, at the time, using it either alone or in conjunction with other systems. Some of them testified to the efficacy of Spectro-Chrome in a Buffalo NY trial (verdict: not guilty of fraud). Currently, the US FDA has approved blue light to be used for acne, as well as the very well-known blue-light therapy for neonatal jaundice. Near-infrared is widely used to ease pains, etc.

Q: Does the color have to shine on the bare skin of the affected area?

A: That’s how best results are achieved. Well over a hundred years ago, Dr. Edwin D. Babbitt used color therapy in his New York City clinic. He determined:

  1. When clothes where worn, it lessened the effects.
  2. Better results ensued when a white sheet covered the person (perhaps for reasons of modesty).
  3. The most impressive healing was achieved when bare skin was illuminated with the color.

Q: Will there ever be a medical “breakthrough” that proves all colors have therapeutic value?

A: It must come eventually. Until that time arrives it is your prerogative to try this for yourself. It is not expensive, and is not known to harm the liver or kidneys or heart, etc., as so many drugs can and do. Getting going may seem complicated at first but our manual Let There Be Light (published in English, German and Chinese) takes you, step by step, mostly in layperson’s terms, where to obtain the necessary material and exactly how to do everything.

Q: Can this be used on animals?

A: Yes it can. While animals may have somewhat different internal construction, they have the same radiations (aura) as we do. Many instances of successful healing have been reported on dogs, cats, etc. Interestingly, the “patients” in question will often move around in the color beam until satisfied it is shining where it feels the best. They may be more perceptive than many people.

Q: Is it possible this is helpful only by a “placebo” effect?

A: Definitely not so. As noted above, mental attitude can make quite a difference for some people. However, if thinking this would help were the sole reason for a beneficial change, how could it affect animals which would not be expecting it to do anything? Or, the successful use on a person who is unconscious? The mind is a powerful weapon, to help or to hinder, so use it carefully.

*Answers courtesy of the Dinshah Health Society.

































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